Dolby Ready Player One



Known as a leader in entertainment technology, Dolby sought to create awareness, develop relationships, and build partnership opportunities within the gaming community. Because of our existing relationships with notable and influential key figures in the gaming industry, Dolby tasked YellowPike Media to act as the bridge between brands, industry professionals, and social influencers through developing, organizing, and managing VIP events.

To capitalize on the film’s relevance and appeal to the gamer community upon release, YellowPike was asked to provide management and support for the Ready Player One Game Influencer Screening hosted by Dolby Laboratories in Hollywood, CA. YellowPike Media invited key figures in the gaming industry to experience the Ready Player One film in the Dolby Cinema, an entirely unique audio experience. Shortly after, the attendees journeyed to The Lost Property Bar in Los Angeles to socialize in a replicated experience that matched The Oasis of the Spielberg film.