YellowPike Media was tasked with helping support the launch of Google Stadia, the all-new gaming platform that lets anyone play high-quality video games across TVs, computers, and mobile devices. To help bring overall awareness to the Stadia platform, YellowPike Media secured top YouTube creator talent to promote the platform via Unboxing and Gameplay videos that navigated viewers through both the set-up process and their initial thoughts and impressions. This relationship extended to hosting the livestream portion of the Holiday pop up event as well as to host the Stadia Challenge; hosts would task participants to compare Stadia with the reigning world’s most powerful console to determine which one they would prefer.

To facilitate this, Stadia built custom trucks that would tour highly populated markets and would be the central location of an accompanying livestream. Within, an experiential pop-up activation was set up in key markets (Los Angeles, London, Paris) and would allow consumers to experience the power of Stadia, take part in a side-by-side “Stadia challenge,” and win Stadia branded merchandise and apparel.